Why Zanu (PF) will remain in power beyond 2018

In all honesty, I don’t think the Zanu (PF) regime will be kicked out of power in 2018.

The writing is on the wall, but Zanu (PF) still unmoved – from AP News

Zimbabweans are not yet ready for change. Here’s why I say

Zimbos love drama

It’s in the type of things we derive joy in; drama. We seldom give attention to those that have reasonable things to say – we label those people “attention seekers” or “know it alls”.  Saka hatinei navo (we don’t give them even a second of attention).

We would rather entertain vaskana vasina kupfeka pano – only nude photos circulating on social media grab our attention. Rather than to listen to those that have something of substance to say, we would rather follow risqué topics of conversation.

Don’t discuss people, discuss issues

When a person tries to stand for something, we focus more on the vessel than the message.

Zvichireva kuti kana ndakambohura zvikazivikanwa nemaZimbabweans (if ever I engaged in immoral behaviour in my past) for the rest of my life, I will continuously hear of my wrong doings. So whatever message I have ceases to be of any importance.

Zimbabweans don’t give second chances; very unforgiving, they’re different types of gods. So what the government does – knowing that this the kind of community they serve – they just ruin the reputation of whoever they think perceive as a threat to their power; the once vocal Reverend Pious Ncube, is an example. Once they tarnish the person’s reputation, it is game over. The threat is neutralised.


Zimbabweans are selfish, rather self-centred people; kana zvangu zvichifaya zvekunext door handinei nazvo (if I have all I need – electricity, running water and a job, I am not bothered about my neighbour’s problems). This is the kind of attitude that has lead Zimbabwe to its current predicament. We lack empathy.

The worship of mere mortals

Idolatry – this one is a huge issue. I don’t get why we are called the most educated people in Africa when people lick politicians’s feet the way Zimbabweans do. It’s like we sometimes don’t have a brain of our own to filter the good from the bad. We are forever being used as pawns by politicians.

Our cowardice – Zanu (PF)’s gain

We are cowards, myself included. We all want a new Zimbabwe but a very few of us are willing to make the necessary sacrifices. Someone else must endure the jail time and dirty work for us.

Ndirikuda kuzosvika zvanaka chete (I will only be interested in arriving on the scene after the fight has ended).

Chaotic opposition

As things stand, all the political candidates that are there remind me of Zanu (PF) or are very much dis-organized. So in the end, some citizens may decide that the devil you know is better than that which is unknown.

So yes there are plenty of people that are tired of the existing regime but if those that are opposing the current government don’t buckle up or make quick and drastic changes, hapana-hapana (Zanu (PF) will not be going anywhere.

As for now we don’t know what in the world is taking place with these opposition parties.

So in as much there are people speaking against the reigning regime a lot of other people are still going to vote for Zanu (PF). Unopinda mu ballot box wega (the ballot booth is a one man journey). Despite the online noise, what happens at the ballot box what really matters.

Fickle citizenry

We are like a whirlwind – very short attention span. (Chamupupuri, zvirikufaya ipapo nezvirikuitika ipapo ndozvatinoita). We don’t know what we want. We are so desperate for a saviour that we can’t even stand on one spot through thick and thin with one person. Evan Mawarire’s #ThisFlag was one of the biggest movements we have ever witnessed, only for people to start insulting Pastor Mawarire when he went into exile in America, in order to secure his family. Now that he has returned, we are back at it again.

They’re so many other indicators that show that Zanu (PF) will remain in power after 2018 – Zanu (PF) haina kwairikuenda – unless somewhere along the line people change. But with just a year before the next election, perhaps such a change is unlikely.

SO until people are actually fed up of the status quo, kwete kuneta nemuromo (not just talk but when citizens have truly reached their limit) but fed up enough to start taking action, we are stuck in our current mess.

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