What is Rita Makarau thinking about Zanu PF’s abuse of national structures

Dear Editor,

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Chairperson, Rita Makarau.

Rural District councils are national institutions that are not supposed to be apolitical according to the Constitution of Zimbabwe, yet Killer Zivhu and Zanu PF are busy abusing them to campaign for them in 2018.

As correctly reported by The Herald, “Chairpersons of the country’s 60 rural district councils have said they are making progress in mobilising people in each ward to register as voters and eventually vote for President Mugabe and Zanu-PF in the harmonised elections next year.The council chairpersons met in Bulawayo yesterday under the auspices of the Association of Rural District Councils (ARDC), where they reaffirmed their commitment to the project”.
To abuse national institutions for personal gain, or for the benefit of a single political party is corruption, and Killer Zivhu and all the councillors involved in this national scandal must be brought to book. Someone out there must lodge a case with the relevant courts to stop this rot as we move towards elections. The Zanu PF government will never reform the electoral process as it knows it is surviving on harrassing and abusing innocent people, so we the affected Zimbabweans must take it upon us to challenge the system.
Yet we have Vice-President Emmerson Munangagwa gong out to South Africa and telling the world that Zimbabwe has always had free and fair elections, and will have free and fair elections in 2018. Munangagwa is not just a Vice-President, he is also the Minister of Justice – does he see justice in his party’s abuse of national structures that are meant to be apolitical to cling on to power against the will of the people? And yet he is thought to be the next Zanu PF leader after Mugabe?
I hope that the opposition parties have officially alerted Rita Makarau about this rigging by Zanu PF, and have also shared the information with regional and international bodies that should know, including all the embassies based in Zimbabwe – including of cause the Chinese Embassy. Every dirty trick that Zanu PF employes must be shared with these bodies because the rigging does not happen only on election day, but it is happening right now, and the opposition parties can be able to prove that they have been pointing out at this rigging well before the elections took place. Not that we can expect much support, but if there is no record kept, these institutions will ask why the opposition has been silent about it.
It is up to us Zimbabweans to join forces to fight this evil regime. There is not a single one person who things right among Zanu PF officials. They are all evil, and the next election must be about people fighting off the evil Zanu PF system. It must be rooted out completely to get the country working again.
Change for a better life demands action, lets act Zimbabweans.

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