Anger over police heavy handedness on innocent MDC-T youths

The character, attitude and behaviour of the police is bad and unacceptable. In the past three days, eight MDC-T youths in Gweru have been arrested on false charges after a demonstration by youths from 15 parties on Saturday who were demanding reforms at Zec and a level playing field ahead of the watershed 2018 elections.

On Sarturday  six of them – Wonderful Marange, Taurai Mugaga, Clifford Mulingwa, Mthulisi Noko, Dhava Mangena and Faith Chuma were arrested together with a minor, Gladys Masebo. Only today, Midlands South provincial youths chairperson Levy Chiminya was also arrested by law and order section officers on the same allegation. Countrywide, MDC-T youths have been severely harrased over demonstrations against Zec.

As a matter of fact, that police go around picking up people and charging them falsely is wrong. Police are not the ones who approve any demonstration, rally or public gathering. They are only notified. It is a wrong perception for the police to think that they have a discretion to grant or deny people their constitutional right to freely express their opinion on national issues. Surprisingly, the useless Zanu PF noise is always done without even any notice to the police.

Yet MDC-T youths are arrested and detained for standing up for legitimate causes, such as calling for expedition of electoral reforms, which are important for nation building, yet Zanu PF gangsters are allowed to disrupt business while demonstrating over factional issues. May it be clearly explained that as the MDC-T youths we are not dettered. We are vigilant enough. We are alert enough. We are united enough to fight and bring change to the country that we love most.

Levi Chiminya, Wonderful Marange, Taurai Mugaga, Clifford Mulingwa, Mthulisi Noko, Dhava Mangena, Faith Chuma and Gladys Masebo including several others acros the country who have been beaten up, had their homes burnt and exposed to blatant brutality, muri magamba. Munorwa hondo. Hondo yedu inoenderera mberi kusvika takunda. We will fight to the end.

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