The hard truth – we are behaving like drunk monkeys

The earlier we accept the quintessential fact that ZANU PF is a mafia organisation, the better. Anyone who thinks ZANU PF is a competitor to anyone must be deeply engrossed in kindergarten hallucinations of a bygone era.

Remains of the petrol bombed car…

As we stare the watershed 2018 elections, let it be clear to all and sundry that ZANU PF does not  compete with anyone. As in the past, they are going to employ all means necessary to ‘win’ the forth coming election, by hook or crook. In fact they have already started.
Unless if something drastic happens and unless we take a resolute stand, ZANU PF will bulldoze its way to ‘victory’, of course, relying on its modus operandi premised on terror and deceit.
Sadly, their path to ‘victory’ will be paved with innocent blood. They will spill blood and they will kill anyone standing in their way. They have already started unleashing their demons of terror, the most recent exhibit being the burning of MDC-T Vice President Engineer Elias Mudzuri’s property last night. Just last week, an MDC-T vehicle was burnt.
What is next? They are going to burn us too. They are going to kill us. They are going to torture us.  They are going to abduct us.
Zimbabweans, we can’t continue doddering nebulously like inebriated monkeys on this dangerous path. Its either we are really going to stand up to ZANU PF’s austerity or we must just allow them to continue scornfully urinating on our heads. And yes, in silence, we must live with the stench and discomfort it comes along with.
After the abduction of my brother, Itai Dzamara, I was at times tempted to think that it was not worth the sacrifice but that is not true. What we can’t do is to fail to honor the sacrifices of individuals like Itai Dzamara, Tonderai Ndira and many others who took a staunch stand against ZANU PF’s morbidity. They were willing to make the necessary sacrifices and the best way to honor them is to retrace their footprints and follow their bold steps.
We must do away with our stupidity and insatiable penchant for trivia which doesn’t mean a bag of sugar. Day in and day out our clueless and myopic opposition parties leaders tear their innerwear in a bid to outmaneuver each other in signing stupid and meaningless MoU’s. That is rubbish. Yes that is rubbish. It stinks.
For as long as we are not going to stay our minds on the prize, let’s forget it and let’s just allow these ZANU PF hoodlums to lead this beautiful nation of ours to its abattoir. We can’t allow this level of mendacity, skulduggery and tomfoolery to persist neither can we afford to have other people sacrifice with even their lives just for a few miscreants to play with our lives while masquerading to be leading us against evil ZANU PF.
All opposition political leaders must quickly shape up or ship out. We are sick and tired of the buffoonery they are exhibiting. As young people, we respect them and we want to work together with them to dismantle this gang of terrorists called ZANU PF but their childish games are not getting us anywhere. They (we) must all unite and deal with ZANU PF.
I shudder to project becoming or any young person fighting for a better Zimbabwe becoming another Itai Dzamara or a Tonderai Ndira while some old men and women behave like drunk monkeys.
For what????
These games have to stop now. This stupidity has to stop now. We can’t take it anymore. We can, we will and we must decapitate the monster but we must be serious or else we shall all die for nothing.
God forbid, but if ever we fail to cross over into a better Zimbabwe in our lifetime, shame on us. Shame on these men and women with poverty stricken egos who are purportedly presiding over the transition to a better Zimbabwe but in the actual fact aiding and sustaining the dictatorship by their mendacity and stupidity.
Patson Dzamara is a leadership coach, author, political activist and analyst based in Zimbabwe.

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