Kenya Government Intensifies Military Operation in Baringo

On June 30, security officers were shot in Baringo County, Kenya. After this incident, the government significantly increased all activities in that area.

As Tuko informed, the Kenya Police Reservists and one officer from General Service Unit were severely injured in the long-term conflict between the criminals and the security personnel in Baringo. The incident took place in the Kiserian area during an operation to clear a block road.

After the shooting, the injured officers were delivered to St Mary’s hospital. Fortunately, they are getting better now.

Wanyama Musiambo, the Rift Valley Regional Coordinator, declared that the government had at once strengthened all operations to regulate the situation in the troubled areas quickly. The most dangerous areas in Baringo now are Rugus, Ng’elecha, Ng’aratuko, Mochongoi, Arabal, Yatia, Chebinyinyi, and Chemoe.

In particular, the Rift Valley Regional Coordinator added that the government would not give in until the complete order and peace resumes.

“The government will deal unfeelingly with all criminals in the troubled areas. Any outlaw will meet the anger of our officers,” Musiambo stated.

In the past ten months, criminals murdered eleven people in Baringo County. Moreover, hundreds of families left the area.

Post published in: Africa News