Spate of violence and thuggery must be stopped

The MDC is deeply disturbed and concerned about the recent spate of thuggery and banditry taking place in and around the country, particularly in the capital city, Harare.

Obert Gutu

Only last week, an Isuzu pick-up truck belonging to the MDC Youth Assembly was torched at a car park in Kuwadzana by suspected Zanu PF thugs. As if this was not enough evidence of Zanu PF–inspired thuggery and violence, on Tuesday night, July 18, 2017, Vice President Elias Mudzuri’s Dandaro bar in Harare was set alight by arsonists whom we strongly suspect to be Zanu PF thugs. On the same night, Councilor Janjazi’s house in Kuwadzana was also attacked and torched by armed thugs and arsonists.

No rocket science is needed to conclude that these savage and thuggish criminal activities are orchestrated by Zanu PF thugs and agents as the country approaches the make or break 2018 elections. The Zanu PF regime is cornered, deeply fractured, incorrigibly factionalised and crumbling. The regime is facing a crushing and humiliating defeat at next year’s elections.

In typical Zanu PF fashion, the regime has resorted to its default mode of violence, thuggery and banditry. The armed men and arsonists who attacked VP Mudzuri’s bar and vandalised Cllr. Janjazi’s house in Kuwadzana are, without a shadow of doubt, State agents. These thugs threatened residents at a nearby car park in Kuwadzana before proceeding to embark on their orgy of arson and bandtry. It  is through the grace of God that no one was injured or killed as these ruthless thugs embarked on their senseless spree of State – sponsored savagery.

The MDC is a peace–loving and law–abiding social democratic political party. In the face of immense provocation and wanton criminal attacks by Zanu PF hoodlums and thugs, our party has remained disciplined and focused. We have resolutely resisted the temptation to fight violence with violence, thuggery with thuggery.

But then, the crumbling and faction–infested Zanu PF regime shouldn’t take our discipline and focus as a sign of weakness. Far from it! There will come a time when peace–loving citizens of Zimbabwe shall be left with no other viable alternative but to defend themselves from the orgy of banditry and thuggery that is being perpetrated by Zanu PF thugs. After all, in the field of criminal law, there is a principle that is called the defence of self – defence.

We call upon the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and all other law enforcement agents, to thoroughly investigate the incidents of arson and banditry that have recently taken place in Harare. Perpetrators of these heinous acts of criminality should be promptly arrested and arraigned before the courts of justice. Zimbabweans deserve to participate in a free and fair election next year and the last thing that the nation wants at this stage is the complete breakdown of law and order.

MDC: Equal Opportunities For All
Obert Chaurura Gutu
MDC National Spokesperson

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