ZPP monthly monitoring report: A season of rallies

Dominant human rights violations recorded during June 2017 revolve around preparations for the presidential youth interface rallies, Heroes Day commemorations, the upcoming Chiwundura by-election, continued barring of students from attending classes, harassment of vendors and discrimination during food aid distribution. Zimbabwe Peace Project notes trends where some violations cut across the entire nation during the course of the year while others are sporadic and isolated.

Midlands recorded the highest number of types of human rights violations during the month under review. A total of eight rights (right to education, political rights, freedom of profession, the right to personal security, freedom of expression, freedom of association, right to food and the right to information) were breached in Midlands in the run up to the Chiwundura by-election. Opposition party supporters are intimidated; some are forced to remove their party regalia while others have had their party posters defaced. Threats to opposition party supporters are made openly and this makes it difficult for parties like National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) to hold door-to-door campaigns as with a case reported in Senga where 28 Zanu PF youths defaced NCA campaign posters.

MMR June 2017

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