Why is Mugabe mum on his wife Disgraced Grace

Dear Editor,

Grace Mugabe (File: AFP)

The past few weeks has shown the difference between Zimbabwean political rivals, Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai. A few weeks ago some MDC-T hooligans who are said to have been hired from Harare traveled to Bulawayo where they assaulted Tsvangirai’s Deputy Thokozani Khupe. Tsvangirai immediately suspended the persons named as involved in the attack, either directly or indirectly.

Now South African media is awash with the case of PhD degree thief Disgraced Grace Mugabe, wife of Robert Mugabe, who assaulted 20 year old Gabriella Engles who she suspected has a love relationship with one of her wayward, drug addicted ┬ásons, and instead of deploring Grace’s wayward behaviour, Mugabe has been mum, and his party Zanu PF has issued a statement peddling falsehoods that it was Disgraced Grace Mugabe who was attacked by Gabriella after she was found drugging the wayward Mugabe boys in a hotel room. Grace knows too well that her sons are drug addicts, why should she suspect that Gabriella was the one buying them drugs when the world knows they have been kicked out from one place to the other because their drunken and wayward behaviour?

Juxtapose the two scenarios, and point me to a leader who is better trusted with running the country between the two. Disgraced Grace Mugabe is the Chair of the Zanu PF Women’s League, and rather than Mugabe suspend her from being Zanu PF chair just as Tsvangirai suspended his officials suspended from attacking Thokozani Khupe, her stupid followers in Zanu PF are busy trying to obstruct the course of justice by denying what she did for her when they were nowhere near the scene of the crime.

Zanu PF and its people, from Mugabe to Bellemine Chatunga, can never be trusted with anything. They have squandered the country’s wealth through their corrupt deeds. When Tsvangirai fired councillors suspected of plundering resources in councils, it was Zanu PF who reinstated those corrupt councillors.
Zimbabweans, let us open our eyes and see. Disgraced Grace Mugabe, who has confessed that she runs the country on behalf of her geriatric husband Robert Mubage, will not take us any where. We have reached the crossroads, and the Zanu PF has to be disposed of in the 2018 elections. Let us all go and register when the time comes and vote this monster Mugabe and his terrorist wife Disgraced Grace Mugabe out for the country to start working again.

It is my hope that justice is done to Gabriella.

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