ZHRO, in protest walk against the human rights abuses in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO), the organisers of a protest walk against the human rights abuses in Zimbabwe have announced their route for the demonstration.

Stendrick Zvorwadza

Demonstrators will meet at 06:00am on Friday the 18th of August, at Brighton Pier to walk 105 km, YES – 105 km, to Kempton Park Racecourse – London – to raise money for their Charity in their #WalkforFreedom.

The route of the walk will have the group leave Brighton and walk up to the South Downs to a place called the Devil’s Dyke. From there they will go down a very steep path to the vale below and join with the ‘Downs Link’ at Henfield. The Downs link will take them to Guildford where the walkers will use the Wey River and Navigation paths to arrive at Kempton Park on Saturday – anywhere between 20-30 hours later. The walkers will walk throughout the night.

Rashiwe Bayisayi, Brighton – London Walk concept path finder and route “tester” said “The walk is a symbol of the struggle that Zimbabweans are facing due to our corrupt regime. We started this project last year with a walk from Brighton to the Zimbabwe Embassy. This year we finish at the Zimfest”

John Burke, joint walk organiser speaking on behalf of ZHRO said “The walk also allows those in the struggle [to free Zimbabwe from tyranny] to take the time to see the beauty in the country side, and take their minds off the injustices in Zimbabwe”

We are going to do this walk because we are motivated by our own need for change, democracy and justice in our country. Zimbabweans at home and those abroad need to highlight the violence and injustices that happen everyday on the streets, towns and cities of Zimbabwe.

“I am participating in the Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation 105 km Charity Walk from Brighton to London in solidarity with my fellow suffering Zimbabweans both in Zimbabwe and the Diaspora – as a Human Rights Activist – I am doing the walk for the second year running to show the world and regime that I will not rest till change happens. I am walking to show people that Zimbabwe is on the brink of collapse as evidenced by 99% percent unemployment, and continued dictatorship” said Roseline Mukucha.

These protesters share similar backgrounds and lives as refugees and their previous existence in a repressed Zimbabwe.

John Burke has instructed the group on what training is needed to prepare for a walk of this magnitude, which requires both physical and mental stamina. Walkers have been encouraged to join their local gym. A standard letter was developed to plea for free training, Mable Kayiya got 3 months free training with her first gym in the Birmingham area.

“I sent out 6 letters to a range of nearby gyms and 20 minutes later one rang me back to offer free membership plus a free personal trainer – so they can help with the ZHRO Charity Walk”   Said Head of Marketing for ZHRO, Mable Kayiya.

Registered walkers are listed on the ZHRO 100km Walks Facebook page @ZHR0100kmWalks.

These protests are seeking to transform Zimbabwe’s human rights record and for the Diaspora to be allowed to vote from their host nation. As Protests now occupy the centre of the Zimbabwean political stage, the diaspora cannot be ignored within the conversations of today’s Zimbabwean protest wave. The social media-savvy diaspora are frustrated by the events back home.

On his recent visit to the U.K. the founder of Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe and the current chairman of National Vendors Union Zimbabwe (NAVUZ) Stendreck Zvorwadza told ROHR members to peacefully demonstrate if the 2018 elections were rigged.

“I am not able to comprehend how the so called revolutionary leaders can subject fellow citizens to this misery, humiliation, and poverty. Hunger, corruption, disease, harassment, disappearances, and violence are endemic yet very few are willing to challenge the system. If the elections are rigged, you in the Diaspora can close the embassy by peacefully sitting at the entrance and say ‘no business as usual'” he said.

“Look what they did to our brave comrade for standing up for all of us” he said referring to activist and artist Silvanos Mudzvova who was present at the ROHR London branch meeting.

Millions of Zimbabweans live in dire poverty and the young are aspiring to obtain a passport to leave the country. Many families go hungry everyday, lack of safe drinking water, inadequate shelter, unemployment is rife, children born with diseases, people dying from treatable ailments, youths immersing themselves into alcohol and drugs to numb the pain, yet its business as usual for the politicians. Recent reports show that people are being evicted from the farms by those who are supposed to protect them.

ZHRO is also planning to hold a weekly vigil at the Embassy on a week day, to further impede the Embassy’s function. The next demonstration is scheduled for the 30th August.


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