$100 billion economy in 15 years

$100 billion economy in 15 years possible at 7% per annum growth.

As far as I am concerned the role of leadership is to define a compelling vision underpinned by a collective value system.
We tend to debate endlessly on the how and yet that is a creative process which can and must change in line with developments both internal and external.
Under the MDC Alliance we must shape a believable vision and put it out there. Citizens with their knowledge skills and competence can then pull together to make things happen. We have the skills and the resources.
In my opinion politicians do not have all the answers. That is a Zanupf paradigm.
We must create an inclusive transformational developmental state underpinned by fiscal discipline and responsibility, integrity.
We must build a legitimate and credible institutional framework and create macro economic stability to allow economic activity which results in growth and job creation.
Effective planning and project management are key.
We must stop being specialists in researching what cannot be done but rather reinvent ourselves with audacity.
There is no time to pontificate and argue on what can’t be done.
What matters is for us to define clearly a collective and compelling vision and unleash our collective  skills and efforts in making it happen just as JF Kennedy articulated Americas vision to land a man on the moon and the whole country and it’s experts made it a reality.
We can do same!

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