Impact of political violence on people with disabilities

Violence and conflict during political activities is widespread and they have a disproportionate impact on persons with disabilities (PWDs) in a multitude of ways. Through a number of factors, conflict situations also contribute to extreme mental, emotional, and physical harm to individuals with disabilities (acquired through conflict or otherwise), their families and the community at large. These harms and their after-effects can last for year’s even decades, causing further stress between and within communities.

This research report represents the importance of protecting PWDs during political activities and outlines a pathway in which Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP), Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Government can work together to enable the voice of PWDs to be heard and prevent political violence faced by PWDs.  This was a small sample research of 74 respondents to investigate the impact of political violence on PWDs predominantly in Murewa, Mutoko and Mudzi.

Read full report: ZPP PWD Research..

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