Chaos is a ladder!

I do not know why it still shocks me every time I go on Twitter or Facebook to see what Zimbabwe has become. It is heartbreaking to see a country that I once loved when I was growing up going down and down into the gutter by the second.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, during his meeting with South African President Jacob Zuma, at the Presidential Guesthouse in Pretoria, South Africa, Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017. (AP Photo/Themba Hadebe)

A country that used to be known as the bread basket of Africa, now it is the begging basket of the World all thanks to the Night King (Mugabe) and his band of White Walkers (Zanu Pf and China). It is like I am watching a whole season of Game of Thrones. Greed has become a part and parcel of everyday lives for these Walkers. Every where they go they wreck havoc and kill anyone and everything that is in their path. Fellow Zimbabweans we need to wake up and start fighting for what is right. The freedom of speech, The freedom of being able to vote without anyone harassing us or intimidating us.

Now that the Night King and his band of Walkers are tired of killing people they are now poisoning and killing elephants. These so called Chinese Syndicates who are in a pact with the Mugabes and Zanu Pf are destroying our beloved country. That is why they can afford to live a life of luxury while the rest of the citizens remain poor all because of selling ivory to these Chinese people. Not so long ago a footage of baby elephants being captured and abused and taken away from their mothers so they can be shipped off to China for what? So they can live a life in captivity. We all know China’s track record when it comes to the way they treat animals. It is sickening and heartbreaking that we are allowing these morons to get away with this.

Tourists do not visit Zimbabwe anymore and I do not blame them. You go for a Safari trip to Zimbabwe what will you see when all the animals are being killed every second. Trophy hunters and Ivory thieving bastards are getting away with murder. Before we used to see beautiful signs welcoming visitors into Zimbabwe. Very soon those signs will be replaced with, “Welcome to Zimbabwe: We have NO elephants, Want to see elephants visit China! We sold our heritage to China, Visit Zimbabwe-We USED to have elephants here!” Seriously come on Zimbabweans WAKE UP. The saying, the country has gone to the dogs is an understatement because even dogs care and show compassion towards people and other animals alike. Nyika Yaparara, Ilizwe selidilikile and all because of the Mugabes, Zanu Pf and  the Chinese people. THEY ALL NEED TO GO! We are sick and tired of having a country that is run by Terrorists and Dead Man Walking.

Let Zimbabwe be the country it used to be, where people loved to visit and see all the beauty surrounding Zimbabwe. Just leave the elephants and let them be free to roam around in the wild. They don’t belong in some cold concrete cage in China. Something needs to be done to stop this. Money is Power and Power is Money. When we were born money was here and one day we will die money will still be here. One day all that money and power will be gone when you are facing your Maker and He will dish out the same treatment/medicine that you are giving to all these elephants and human beings. Zimbabwe is now built on greed, brutality, intimidation, torture and blood. It is being run by Psychopaths and Sociopaths.People need to Vote for a better President in order to have a better  and improved Zimbabwe in 2018. GO AND VOTE and let us get the Night King and his band of White Walkers OUT!

Mugabe and Zanu Pf must GO!


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