Design and Delivery Sprint: Alternative Models for Enterprise Finance in Zimbabwe

*Announcement of Round One Winners*

In June 2017, FSD Africa launched: ‘Design and Delivery Sprint: Alternative Models for Enterprise Finance in Zimbabwe’ in Harare in partnership with Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the SME Association of Zimbabwe, and DFID Zimbabwe. The objective is to find new, robust models to deepen the provision of good quality credit to Zimbabwe’s entrepreneurs and growing companies.

In September 2017, FSD Africa received 14 strong applications, which were assessed for feasibility, relevance and potential impact by a panel of independent judges from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, SMEAZ, DFID Zimbabwe and FSD Kenya.

We are now pleased to announce four winners, who will each receive an accelerator grant of £10,000: 1) Harare Receivables Exchange, 2) Inclusive Financial Services, 3) Zimbabwe Microfinance Fund, and 4) Thrive. Please find more details of each company and their products below.

According to Joe Huxley, FSD Africa’s Director of Regional Strategies: “Between them, these four firms represent the brightest and best models in digital micro-credit, invoice discounting and alternative credit assessment in Zimbabwe. We look forward to the galvanising contributions they could make to the country’s credit markets.”

Applications to Round 2 are due in February 2018. Up to two winners will receive up to £500,000 investment from FSD Africa.

For further details of the judging process (including the Judges’ Bios) and Design and Delivery Sprint itself please visit the FSD Africa website.

*FSD Africa reserves the right to award financial assistance to partners at its own discretion.

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