Did you know that former Zimbabwean president Canaan Banana passed a law to ban jokes about his name?

Many could be forgiven if they do not know that Zimbabwe’s first president was not Robert Mugabe. That historical credit belongs to the interestingly-named Canaan Banana...

Public anger in Zimbabwe over a proposal to Universities to impose dress code for female students

Tension is brewing in Zimbabwe following proposal to universities to impose a dress code for female...

The astonishing ancient stone city of Great Zimbabwe constructed 900 years ago 

Located in the south-eastern hills of present-day Zimbabwe, close to the city of Masvingo, are the ruins of the...

[Watch] Zimbabwe sets new world record for biggest marimba ensemble

Zimbabwe is now the Guinness World record holder for the biggest ensemble of Marimba players.The record was...

Design and Delivery Sprint: Alternative Models for Enterprise Finance in Zimbabwe

*Announcement of Round One Winners*...

Nepotism in Zimbabwe Remains the Norm as Unemployment Bites

As millions of Zimbabweans struggle with unemployment, their 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe is busy rewarding his...



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