Meet the Zimbabwean building driverless cars in the UK

Pasi William Sachiti is a Zimbabwean serial entrepreneur, who is building driverless cars in the UK, using a combination of advanced robotics and driver-less vehicle technology....

Did you know that former Zimbabwean president Canaan Banana passed a law to ban jokes about his name?

Many could be forgiven if they do not know that Zimbabwe’s first president was not Robert...

Public anger in Zimbabwe over a proposal to Universities to impose dress code for female students

Tension is brewing in Zimbabwe following proposal to universities to impose a dress code for female...

The astonishing ancient stone city of Great Zimbabwe constructed 900 years ago 

Located in the south-eastern hills of present-day Zimbabwe, close to the city of Masvingo, are the ruins of the...

[Watch] Zimbabwe sets new world record for biggest marimba ensemble

Zimbabwe is now the Guinness World record holder for the biggest ensemble of Marimba players.The record was...

Design and Delivery Sprint: Alternative Models for Enterprise Finance in Zimbabwe

*Announcement of Round One Winners*...

Nepotism in Zimbabwe Remains the Norm as Unemployment Bites

As millions of Zimbabweans struggle with unemployment, their 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe is busy rewarding his...



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