It’s Time Up Grace

There is no better time than now to look in the mirror and make a change Grace. Your shameful and disgraceful behaviour of violence wherever you are, can not be tolerated.

Grace Mugabe (File: AFP)

Instead of being a loving and nurturing mother, you care only for yourself.  The unruly behaviour of your children just goes to prove what kind of mother you are. Why didn’t you attack your own children? Why did you attack the innocent girl?  Your sons are adults and  have a right to love or associate with whoever they wish.

You chose to be a homewrecker.  Honestly, your behaviour is unbecoming of a First Lady and a clear indication that class cannot be bought with money.

Was Bona beaten up for being with Simba?  So, why prevent another woman’s prerogative and destroy her beauty?

Instead of being a mother to the Epworth young girls selling their bodies because of the way you and Zanu PF have run down the country, you go around terrorising innocent girls.  How would you feel if it was Bona selling her body for 50p?  What happened to being honourable?

Think about your actions and unruly behaviour.  It’s time; your days are numbered.

I say NO to human rights abusers.

Patience Hazvineyi Muyeye;  Human Rights Actvist London UK

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