Zimbabweans should stop living in fantasy-land, but take responsibility for own future

One of the most irritating, if not downright saddening, traits of social media in Zimbabwe is the very unfortunate obsession with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's waning health, and the infighting in his ruling Zanu PF party.

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Gabriel Mugabe

Why this is so saddening is the fact that we, as Zimbabweans, have become so lethargic in taking full charge and responsibility for our own future, such that we now place our hope in some fate.

It now appears as though we have  placed all our hopes for a better future in the demise of Mugabe, or the break-up of his party – whilst we sit back and watch.

That is why we love to hear those ‘prophesies’ by all sorts of dubious ‘prophets’ on Mugabe’s death, or the demise of the Mugabe dynasty, or even the self-destruction of Zanu PF.

It all makes it easier on us, doesn’t it?

Forcing our minds into believing that since it was a ‘prophesy’, then it is bound to happen, and we do not even have to lift a finger – God will just do everything for us, whilst, we sit back and relax.

Such an attitude is very sad, at the very least, and tragic – at the very most – as we have detached ourselves from the real responsibility of taking full charge of our own country’s destiny, but have chosen to live in some fantasy-land.

That is not how the real world works!

The real world demands that if we want a better future for ourselves, our children, and their children – we need to be actively and boldly involved in the day to day affairs and decision-making of the state.

Just waiting idly by for God to do it for us – worse still, relying on the ‘prophesies’ of these discredited ‘men of God’, who have done nothing except steal from their congregants, and turned the Church into a den of thieves – is the greatest mistake that we can ever make in our lives.

I am not doubting – and have never doubted – the power of the Almighty God – but, what we are doing is far from being acts of faith, but rather, reneging on our duties.

God, indeed, hears our prayers and answers them, but He does not expect us to just idly sit by, and do nothing.

He, instead, blesses the work that we ourselves do.

What are we doing to ensure that we hold our government accountable?

What action are we taking, which we would pray for God to bless?

Quite frankly, if Mugabe was to pass away today, what positive changes do we expect in Zimbabwe?

Would there suddenly be a transition to a truly democratic dispensation, and prosperity – or would there be a greater possibility of Zanu PF’s infighting intensifying into a bloody – and possibly, armed – conflict?

So, what is our fascination with all these so-called ‘prophesies’ about?

As far as I am concerned, they are so vague, un-Godlike and without any clarity on exactly how Mugabe’s death will benefit Zimbabweans.

This all appears more like the work of people who are trying to distract us from taking action, and complete charge of our country’s affairs, as we become docile, whilst (mis)placing our hopes in vain fantasy.

This scheme fits in perfectly with Mugabe and ZANU PF’s agenda, in that Zimbabweans cease being a serious threat, as we sit back awaiting the fulfilment of these ‘prophesies’.

In fact, all these shenanigans could very well be ZANU PF engineered!

Honestly, Mugabe and his party are capable of anything – such that, at times I even harbour some serious misgivings about their infighting.

I am reminded of a very ingenious scheme popular with pickpockets, where two or more of them pretend to be fighting, so that when a crowd gathers to watch, the other thieves would be busy stealing from the distracted onlookers.

The same is happening in Zimbabwe!

It is amazing how we have become so laid back, as we are mesmerized and distracted by Mugabe’s illness and sleeping at important gatherings, or awaiting his ‘prophesied’ death, or ZANU PF’s infighting – whilst, the country’s coffers and resources are being looted with no restraint, and the ruling party is gearing up for the forthcoming 2018 elections.

And when they resoundingly win the elections, what will we do…cry out, ‘rigging!’

At the pace at which the situation is moving, I doubt if ZANU PF needs to rig the upcoming elections, as we are already doing the dirty work for them by our own apathetic attitude.

If we are not going to be bold enough to be seriously enraged by the daily callousness of Mugabe and his government, and make a choice to stand up in defence of our country, then who will do it for us?

This is our country, and no one will love it for us, if we ourselves do not love it enough to stand up and ensure that it is not destroyed by ZANU PF.

We have all the constitutional rights on our side, and we should take full advantage of them, no matter what the consequences.

Hunger and suffering can not be postponed till the next election, as their pain can be felt each and every day.

As Zimbabweans, we can not just watch, whilst those in leadership squander our national resources for their own luxury, and yet, we can hardly afford a decent nutritional meal.

How long can that old widow taking care of her deceased son’s children go on, as she watches them cry daily out of hunger?

How much longer can that old woman with cancer endure gruesome and never-ending pain, as there is no medication in our government hospitals?

Can we afford to wait on some vane hope of a ‘miraculous’ change for the better, or should we be out there exercising our constitutional rights to peaceful demonstrate, whilst at the same time putting pressure on the government to finally take us seriously?

If there are people in this country who can afford a US$1.4 million ring – finances secured in less than transparent means – then surely there should be enough financial resources to meet all our needs.

If there is enough cash in government coffers for unreasonable and grossly expensive trips all over the world, then sanctions are not really the cause of our suffering, but misplaced priorities.

We need to make our demands known today, as only then can we expect any real change.

Let us all galvanize each other, so we spare no effort in making our voices heard.

Our country is dying in front of our eyes, yet we sit back waiting for ‘something’ to happen.

What ‘something’?

We are the only ones who can make that ‘something’ happen, and as such, we need to take our heads out of the clouds, and start mobilizing each other to take firm, but constitutional action.

Yes, we all know that this regime is brutal, especially heading towards crucial elections, but our love for our country and our own children’s future must spur us to confront this injustice with brevity.

A mother would not think twice before jumping into a raging fire in order to rescue her baby – so why are we not prepared to do the same for our own children’s future?

Do we not care enough for their future, as there will certainly be nothing left for them, if we allow this kleptomania and misgovernance to continue unchallenged.

We no longer have – and never had – the luxury of being cowardly in the face of brutality.

As Martin Luther King jnr once said, ‘If a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live’.

He also said, ‘No man is free, if he fears death’ – and so, just how free are we when we give up on standing up boldly for our country and future generations?

Let us put aside the paper armour of apathy, but put on the unconquerable armour of strength, that we may resist the oppression of this regime – for it will certainly yield.

° Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice activist, writer, author, and speaker. He is available should he be invited to speak at any gathering or event. Please call/WhatsApp: +263782283975, or email: [email protected]com. Please also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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