Situation calm on the streets. Streets not as busy they’d normally be in the early to mid-evening, but cars are moving, public transport (Kombis) are moving about.

The strangest thing is what’s happening on ZBC TV!

Reporters who are veteran Mugabe praise singers (such as Reuben Barwe and Judith Makwanya) are today trumpeting the ‘positive mood’ and ‘business as usual’ on the streets of Harare.

The one striking thing is excitement around being able to trade on the streets of Harare.

It seems many are excited about this because they were being prevented from trading by police.

THERE ARE NO POLICE ON THE STREETS! The army is in charge.

Even ZBC was reporting just now, how excited ordinary people are about being able to trade freely.

Army also trying to emphasize a sense of ‘business as usual’. For example, General Sibusiso Moyo is set to address a gathering on Zimbabwe Defence Forces’ participation in peacekeeping on the continent.

There was a story about the pay dates for various categories of civil servants (I kid you not, this is news in Zim), and about the progress of the agriculture season and even the opening up of the elephant hunting season.