Grace Mugabe stuck in Zimbabwe to face the music, Says Mnangagwa aide

By Dorrothy Moyo| First Lady Grace Mugabe is going to face the music, a Harare based Mnangagwa aide has said. At the weekend, the Mugabe nephew, Patrick Zhuwao said Grace is ready for die “for what is right.”

The MP for Harare East, Terrence Mukupe, told a British news channel, Grace Mugabe is to remain bound by the country’s laws like everyone else, because her husband, Robert has refused to resign gracefully.

“We are passing a motion to impeach him, there is going to be a 9 member committee that is going to investigate the allegations that have been tabled in the motion….”

Terrence Mukupe speaking on Grace’s fate

The Channel 4 journalist interviewing LIVE on Monday night then asked saying, “so it is a stitch up?,” and to this Mukupe said, “call it whatever you want, its a political process everything that happens in parliament is not a legal process, its a political process, but its  a political process that is in the constitution of the country,

“So what is going to happen is that they will come back and present a report on Thursday and on Thursday, we are going to vote the President out of power,” he added.

He was then asked on what will happen to Mugabe’s family, what guarantees the man and his family are likely to have. Mukupe replied saying, “he has got nothing to worry about no one is threatening his life; I told you we love our President.”

Mukupe was however asked about Grace Mugabe and he said, “yes I think the First Lady has to face the music, if she has stolen any money she has to face the music, if she has done any abuses, if she has abused the law she has to face the music.

But for a dignified exit, if he (Mugabe)demands that she does not face the music as one of the conditions, Mukupe said,

“then he should have resigned if he wanted a dignified exit, that’s why you find that everyone was saying that the offer on the table was for him to become an elder statesman, by him becoming an elder statesman, he was going to remain with all the privileges that he he has got right now; but if we are going to have to take him out of power, it’s going to be a different ball game altogether; but one thing you can be guaranteed is that even if we take him out of power, we are still going to respect him as an elder statesman.” – ZimEye

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