Some Remarks on, and a Critique of, the Unfolding Events in Zimbabwe?

It is imperative that the current events in Zimbabwe foster a break with the past and lead to the Zimbabwe We Want. This will not be easy. The Zimbabwe Moment could be a Missed Opportunity.  It is in the context that we make the following observations, and provide a critique of the unfolding events in Zimbabwe

Arthur Guseni Mutambara

The current struggles must be kept inclusive, beyond, and broader than, ZANU-PF. The people who came out on Saturday were not just ZANU-PF supporters. At Zimbabwe Grounds, before he even started speaking, Chinamasa was booed. That is why he made those bold statements attacking RGM and Grace. He was trying to get some positive reception.

Saturday was a Zimbabwe Moment. It was not about ZANU-PF. It was about our country collectively, period.

While it is clear that ZANU-PF succession matters triggered the current events, and ZANU-PF will try to be the biggest beneficiary, there is need for everyone involved in the current events to be inclusive, magnanimous, and national interest driven. It is important that we take cognizance of the following pertinent points:

1) It is not enough for the war vets to mildly condemn Chinamasa over his arrogant and tragic attacks on the opposition. ZANU-PF as a party must unconditionally retract the unfortunate remarks and unreservedly apologize to all Zimbabweans.

2) The MDC-T has made demands for their participation in the impeachment process. These expectations must be at least publicly acknowledged and accepted by ZANU-PF. This has not happened. Mangwana was non-committal. In fact there must be a signed formal agreement before the impeachment starts.

3) While the meeting and then, presumably, understanding between ED and RGM are welcome, such developments must not be seen as the solution to the matters at hand. The issues are much broader and more comprehensive than these two individuals. In fact there are matters that we want reviewed and addressed, where RGM and ED are equally culpable. There are shenanigans that the two must answer and explain. There are matters that we want attended to, where ZANU-PF and Army (ZDF) were the offenders. These two institutions have caused disruptions and chaos in our politics in the past. These issues must be addressed, to ensure that we break with the past and build a new Zimbabwe.

4) Of course, rather than drag the country through impeachment, RGM must put national interest first, and do the honourable thing and RESIGN. Maybe he can salvage some dignity and legacy. Evidently, he will not easily resign. Pressure must continue to be applied.

5) The alternative voices to ZANU-PF must make sure that they influence the content and direction of the unfolding changes in Zimbabwe. Their demands and expectations must be formally articulated and adopted by everyone involved in the obtaining situation. Short of this, the Zimbabwe Moment will be a missed opportunity.

AGO Mutambara

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