11 reasons why Emmerson Mnangagwa should not win the elections

Thousands turned out to the National Stadium to witness the conferment of Emmerson Mnangagwa as the new President of the Republic of Zimbabwe when he took over from Robert Gabriel Mugabe who was forced to resign following the pressure from Zimbabweans, lead by the Zimbabwe National Army.

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Mnangagwa inherited an illegitimate crown from his mentor Mugabe following discredited elections that the country has held since 1985. I say discredited elections since 1985 because the 1985 elections were held in a repressive atmosphere as Mugabe was trying to create a one party state by then, as evident from his attempt to crush Zanu PF by unleashing Gukurahundi on the innocent souls of Midlands and Matebeleland who were known to be anti-Mugabe. The violence that took place in the 1990 elections is well documented. It was in the 1990 elections when Patrick Kombayi was lucky to escape with his life after he was intentionally shot and left for dead by government agencies, who despite being found guilty for the attempted murder, were pardoned by Mugabe and released from prison.

The only free and fair elections Zimbabwe has ever had were the 1980 elections which brought Zanu PF into power, and Zanu PF, through the greediness and cruelty of its officials, is the author of all the suffering Zimbabweans have gone through. I therefore would like to warn Zimbabweans not to vote for Zanu PF candidates at all levels of the competition in the 2018 elections, particularly its presidential candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa. My reasons for calling on Zimbabweans not to vote for Emmerson Mnangagwa are as follows:

1.    Despite Zanu PF forcing some Western countries to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe because of Zanu PF’s corruption, political intolerance and violence on its political opponents, Mnangagwa at his inauguration ceremony made a demand that sanctions against Zimbabwe should be unconditionally lifted and Zimbabwe should be allowed back into the international community without question. Many people did not stop to think what Mnangagwa meant by this, or its implications on the suffering of Zimbabwe. What he did in that speech was to justify the brutality and suffering Zimbabweans had gone through under Mugabe. The result is that the international community will not lift sanctions on Zimbabwe. No meaningful attempts will be made to implement reforms that can result in credible elections, and naturally if Zanu PF supporters see that their party is losing the elections, will resort to violence to deny people their victory. The result is that investors will continue to shun Zimbabwe, unemployment will continue to rise while the Zanu PF top officials who have looted enough wealth for life will continue to enjoy life while the ordinary Zimbabweans continue to suffer

2.    Emmerson Mnangagwa is a liar who has unashamedly tried to dissociate himself with Gukurahundi when his statements made at Zanu PF rallies are well documented, thanks to The Chronicle which quoted him verbatim during rallies, such as the one held in Victoria Falls in March 1983. We have been told the truth by Dydmus Mutasa that Gukurahundi was a cabinet decision. Besides, Mnangagwa was Minister of State Security, in addition to his statements quoted in the Chronicle, hence for him to try and dissociate himself with Gukurahundi is an insult to the intelligence of Zimbabweans. Anyone who was a minister and was part of the Gukurahundi decision as informed by Mutasa does not deserve a single vote, whatever post they are contesting for, in the 2018 elections.

3.    Soon after taking over from Mugabe, Mnangagwa unconstitutionally appointed Provincial Resident Ministers, when one of the reasons for which Zanu PF wanted to impeach Mugabe was that he had disregarded the constitution of Zimbabwe on the creation of Provincial Councils. A leader who disregards the constitution should never be trusted. Additionally, he also thought he could get away with unconstitutionally appointing 8 people who were not members of parliament into the cabinet. Fortunately, analysts were quick to point out the anomaly, forcing Mnangagwa to reduce the number of non-parliamentarians to the required number of 5. But that shows what a schemer we have for a President. Certainly, such a schemer should not be allowed to run the affairs of the country beyond what the illegitimate crown inherited from Mugabe allows. Had alert analysts not voiced concern, Mnangagwa would have continued with 8 ministers who are not members of parliament.

4.    Mnangagwa is trying to shield Lacoste leaders from embarrassment while humiliating the leaders of the G40. He has a list of the Lacoste officials who have externalised funds, yet cannot take immediate action against them as he has with the G40 leaders. He is giving some of them time to escape the country and enjoy their externalised ill gotten wealth. He should act on the names.

 5.    Emmerson Mnangagwa is cruel, to the extent that he said at a Zanu PF rally that if he was God he would starve MDC supporters of oxygen so that they would die. He is known to have created a youth group in Kwekwe which he sponsored to cause harm to MDC supporters, and late the G40 when factionalism pitting his Lacoste fanction and the G40 began in Zanu PF

6.    His looting of diamonds in the Democratic Republic of Congo is well documented in the United Nations reports

 7.    Mnangagwa makes partisan decisions which do not carry the national sentiment. He declares 21 February, the birthday of Dictator Mugabe, based on the recommendations of bootlicking Zanu PF youths. Did he ever consider the feelings of the rest of Zimbabweans who have suffered under Mugabe, who he want to commemorate Mugabe’s birthday? This proves Mnangagwa continues to bootlick Mugabe even in his retirement. The little good Mugabe did to Zimbabwe does not count given that just three years after independence he was already killing innocent sons of the soil in Matebeleland and Midlands through Gukurahundi

8.    Mnangagwa has unwittingly told Zimbabweans his regime will try to achieve some quick gains that will hoodwink people to trust him. His quick gains were well publicised in the media, including state media, but many people have not realised that the real intention is to try to fool people that he and his team are capable of turning around the economy because of some gains made in a short space of time. He will try to hoodwink people to forget about reforms which are the key to investment inflows. People of Zimbabwe, open your eyes wide and see Mnangagwa’s intentions. He will divert resources to areas where people will see some quick gains and steal the elections, and the suffering will continue after the elections. Zimbabwe needs broader reforms which will lead to credible elections for the economy to thrive.

9.    Mnangagwa visited South Africa and addressed Zimbabweans based in that country. For him, it was important to only encourage them to come back home – obviously he thinks he has charmed enough to win their votes. Instead he should also have told them of plans in place for them to vote from the Diaspora, just as our Mozambican counterparts can vote from Zimbabwe during elections in Mozambique.

10.  Mnangagwa unwittingly told the recent Zanu PF Congress that elections will be held sooner that most people expect, an indication that he, like Mugabe in 2013, will rush the country to elections while the quick gains are still influencing the people’s opinion, without real reforms that will unlock the country’s economic potential

11.  Corruption is so entrenched within Zanu PF to the extent that Mnangagwa’s trusted Lieutenant Josiah Hungwe has argued that tenders should be given to private companies because all government enterprises are completely corrupt. And we know that all government departments and parastatal organisations are staffed by Zanu PF appointees. Voting out Zanu PF candidates is the only way to stamp out corruption.

Here are my 11 reasons from my observations and knowledge of Mnangagwa why Zimbabweans must vote out Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF out and give the country a new start. I implore all Zimbabwe not to ignore these reasons, and those with more evidence against Zanu PF should share to fully inform the electorate before they plunge the country into further chaos by voting in Zanu PF candidates in 2018</p

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