Attention seeking Officials seeking Mnangagwa’s favours will ruin the prospects of sanctions removal

While he may have his own faults, like all of us, our Dear President Comrade Mnangagwa can sometimes be very reasonable. Speaking during the Zanu PF Central Committee meeting held in Harare on 14 December 2018, Comrade Mnangagwa is quoted saying:


President Emmerson Mnangagwa

“We realise that isolation is not a splendid or viable as there is more gain through solidarity, mutual beneficial partnerships which, however, recognise our unique national interests. Government will thus pursue a robust re-engagement process to fully affirm our belonging to the family of nations. The re-engagement strategy will seek to create new relations whilst holding steadfast to those countries that stood by us during our darkest years.
In this regard, measurers will be put in place to attract foreign investment ensuring that Zimbabwe is a place where capital feels safe”
I would like to give him the benefit of doubt and believe that Comrade President mean what he says. However, his efforts will not materialise if he does not reign in on his wayward ministers who spread false and cheap propaganda against Tendai Biti, who they accuse of persuading the United States Government to increase targeted sanctions against the Mnangagwa regime. Deputy Minister Mukupe made a fool out himself posted onto the internet a video clip which he said had evidence of Tendai Biti calling for continued sanctions on Zimbabwe. He was complemented in his stupidity by the political amatuer soldier and new Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Major General Sibusiso Moyo who literally dressed down Tendai Biti in an article published in The Herald, lying that Tendai Biti had requested for continued sanctions against Zimbabwe. Not to be outdone, Fortune Charumbira joined in, saying Tendai Biti and Nelson Chamisa should be banned from parliament. If we have ministers and a prominent chief in a country who lie to that extent, you wonder which direction the country is going.
Remember, the United States is probably one of the countries Zimbabwe would want to re-engage with, and the Senate which is behind the sanctions met with Chamisa and Biti and the two men never invited more sanctions on the country, how then does the Zimbabwean Foreign Minister who should feature prominently in the re-engagement process convince the USA Senate that he is a person of integrity when they meet to discuss re-engagement? This propensity to want to outdo your opposition through lies can backfire, causing unnecessary suffering to innocent Zimbabweans through reckless utterances by people who are supposed to be leaders. These confused ministers (Zvima Minister zvakazungaira) are a real danger to the progress of the country, and Dear President Comrade Mnangagwa must learn to reign in on these wayward fellows before they cause further damage.
Just like what happened during the Mugabe era when ministers used to outdo each other in bootlicking Mugabe, it is now a competition to bootlick Comrade Mnangagwa. Zanu PF will always be Zanu PF, it will never change its colours despite change of leadership.
Please Stop it!
Kennedy Kaitano

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