Comrade President, Stop using Government Offices for Zanu PF meetings

Shiri ine muririro wayo hairegi. Some habits will never die.

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Zimbabweans were made to believe that the new President of Zimbabwe, Comrade Emmerson is a man who wanted to separate party business from government business, but The Herald of  12 December tells the world that the new President is now using his Government offices to hold Zanu PF meetings, having invited Zanu PF chairpersons from all the provinces to a meeting “to obtain first-hand information on the goings-on in their respective provinces”.

The truth is, this is the way things have been happening in Zimbabwe, and this partisan approach to government business has contributed immensely to the collapse of the economy. Instead of working on Government programmes, the President, his deputies, ministers and  the top civil servants who are mostly appointed on partisan basis, work on party programmes. Zimbabweans had taken Mnangagwa seriously when he said he was ushering a new era for Zimbabwe, but thanks to The Herald revelation – the world now knows Comrade Mnangagwa for what he truly is. Even former President Mugabe would not hold meetings with Zanu PF provincial chairpersons in his Munhumutapa Building offices.

According to The Herald, “The President directed the implementation of previous announcements regarding the expulsions and suspensions of party members. The chairpersons fully understood and appreciated the position.” What does that have to do with government business? Everything the new President of Zimbabwe is doing is being done to advance his chances for victory in the forthcoming elections. He is aiming at some “quick gains” that would hoodwink people to see that the new government is hardworking by producing some positive results in a short space of time, and all resources are going to be diverted to achieve these quick gains which Mnangagwa has emphasized on..

His other strategy revolves around using the much celebrated soldiers whose role in removing Mugabe has been appreciated by most Zimbabweans to win hearts, that is why soldiers have been deployed so that they remain in active contact with the people. The deployment of soldiers is a double sword meant both to win hearts and to also instill fear in the people because the guns will remind people of the previous claims by the army that.

Once beaten, twice shy – Zimbabweans must open their eyes to this fraud and vote wisely in the next election. A party which has failed for 37 years is not the best to implement a recovery programme.

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