Hungwe threatens to unleash ZDF Forces on opposition supporters

Terrence Mawawa, Masvingo | Josaya Dunira Hungwe is an enigmatic character.

Only a few months ago, he passionately described former President Robert Mugabe as a saint and he also said the ruling party was ready to shed blood on behalf of the nonagenarian.

Last week the Minister of State for Masvingo Province dropped a bombshell when he said the ruling party was prepared to unleash the army on opposition supporters.

Hungwe’ s utterances have all but stifled hopes of a democratic electoral process in the country, according to political analysts.

“We were intellectually defeated by the G-40 cabal and we had to resort to the army to help us.

In 2018 we will use the army to silence dissenting voices.This means we will romp to victory by all means necessary,” said Hungwe.

Masvingo based political writer and analyst, Batsiranai Ngungama said Hungwe’ s threats would not halt the inevitable process of democratic change.

“Hungwe is existing in cartoon land and he will soon have a rude awakening .

The people of Zimbabwe have suffered for too long under the Zanu PF regime so Hungwe is wasting his time by attempting to cow the people into submission,” said Ngugama.

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