So, one now has to attend Zanu PF cadreship classes to become a civil servant

The state broadcaster, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, has reported that Munyaradzi Machacha, the principal of the Chitepo Ideological School said there will be a basic orientation course for people who want to be party members and cadreship training for those who want to serve in government. Isn't this a violation of human rights?

Supporters attend the Zimbabwe ruling party Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu PF) youth interface rally in Bulawayo on November 4, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / ZINYANGE AUNTONY

Why do civil servants have to attend Zanu PF training? This is Zanu PF’s new way of exploiting desperate job seekers in a country where the unemployment rate is over 90 percent. So these are the strategies that new Zanu PF President and also new President of Zimbabwe has come up with in order to force the unemployed to support him and his party, obviously hoping to brainwash the desperate job seekers into buying in Zanu PF ideology.
This is revolting, and the President must certainly be ashamed of this. So academic qualifications no longer matters, what matters now is the Zanu PF Cardership Certificate in order to get a job in government. Mnangagwa is going too far please, and this should stop.
This is clear cut election rigging as this happens as the country prepares for elections.
This is cruel and must be stopped.
In case this is the overzealous works of some junior Zanu PF officials, I have copied this email to the Speaker of Parliament so that he can pass on this complaint on to the President, who should deal with the form of corruption. 
Pasi ne Corruption. Pasi ne Mhandu who want to continue Mugabe’s legacy of politicising the civil service.

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