Soldiers Brutally Assault Vendors In Chivi For Refusing To Give Them Cash

Members of the Zimbabwe National Army brutally assaulted vendors at Mhandamabwe Business Centre for failing to give them money to buy food.

A group of six soldiers from Chivi Growth Point arrived at Mhandamhabwe Business Centre last week and demanded money to buy food from the vendors.

The vendors indicated that they did not have the money. This angered the soldiers who forced the vendors to roll on the ground.

“Vendors were forced to roll in the mud at Mhandamabwe Business Centre.The soldiers also ordered the vendors to close their market stalls.

Women were ordered to go and look for the money at their respective residential places,” said a local shop attendant.

“The soldiers told us we should cater for their food expenses and we never took it seriously.

So when they came back we tried to negotiate with them but they would not listen to what we explained to them,” said a vendor who declined to be named.

Last week the Zimbabwe Defence Forces released a statement urging soldiers to desist from violence.

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