The drama in Zimbabwe never ends

Like her husband Crocodile, Mrs. Mnangagwa is shedding crocodile tears, and usurping the power of ministries too

Mrs Mnangagwa carries baby on her back

When she visited female inmates in prison during her Christmas visit, First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa “promised the inmates in front of the prison authorities and Ministry officials who had accompanied her that the conditions in the prison must be worked on and completed by end of January next year”.
Barely a month ago, Zanu PF gave the reasons for firing Mugabe that he had allowed her wife to usurp executive powers. Now who is she, Auxilia Mnangagwa to promise inmates that their conditions will be improved next month? Where does she get that authority from? She is now, just like Guchi Grace used, to order Government officials to perform certain activities within a specific timeframe? 
So should Zanu PF fire their President for not cautioning his wife not to usurp the powers of government structures? Zimbabweans should never expect Zanu PF to fire their new found president and also national president by default. I say Mnangagwa is National President  by default because he inherited an illegitimate crown after the bussing Nikuv voters as is now being unwittingly admitted by Oppah Muchinguri, Retired Lieutenant General Dr Engelbert Rugeje and the principal of the Chitepo Ideological School, Munyaradzi Machacha who made the disclosure while addressing Zanu PF provincial chairpersons and provincial commissars in Harare this Wednesday.
Auxilia Mnangwagwa was the wife of the now President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, when he was Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs which oversees the welfare of prisoners, and it is unbelievable to now hear that she is “shocked because the place are not fit for human habitation.” Probably we should believe in her shock, but that that tells a big story that she is faking her sympathies with the prison conditions. If she really cared, she would have visited the place before to see how the institutions that were, until just over a month ago, run by her husband, were functioning.
People of Zimbabwe, please open your eyes wide and see who really is saying things and making promises out of love of you and love of the welfare of Zimbabwe. Vote them our. Do not vote for anyone from Zanu PF in the coming election. They are all fake, they are taking us for a ride. A party that has been in power for 37 years and the country is still in the shambles that it is should be kicked out.
Zanu PF will never fire their new President for allowing his wife to usurp the powers of the executive, so let fire the entire Zanu PF in the next elections.
Please let us kick Zanu PF out in 2018.

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