Will Mnangagwa really deal with unruly Zanu PF youths and corrupt senior Zanu PF Lacoste officials?

Dear Editor,

Emmerson Mnangagwa

There have been disturbing reports from Bulawayo that pro-Mnangagwa Zanu PF youths are going about on the rampage forcing vendors and other people to support Comrade Emerson Mnangagwa who inherited the country’s presidency from Robert Mugabe. Such behavior could be a reflection that not much has changed with the change of leadership. It is still the same Zanu PF culture that is at play. The Zanu PF Lacoste youth leader who openly physically assaulted MDC-Councillors, Magura  Charumbira openly boasted that no one can do anything to him as he is protected by Mnangagwa and the soldiers while he assaulted the councillors.

The culture of violence and corruption has sunk roots in Zanu PF to the extent that simply removing Mugabe and leaders of G40 cabal and replacing them with leaders of the Lacoste Cabal is not the solution to Zimbabwe’s problems. The only real solution is absolute replacement of the entire Zanu PF with a completely new government which people should monitor from the word go.

One wonders why it has only been the G40 members who have lost their cabinet posts while the Lacoste members who had been fired by Mugabe have been returned. What we are experiencing is more of factional fights than serious government business.

I hope the people of Zimbabwe will see through this and vote wisely in the 2018 elections.

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