A foreigner must chair National Peace and Reconciliation Commission: ZAPU

Zapu spokesman Iphithule Thembani Maphosa has suggested the government of Zimbabwe considers appointing a non Zimbabwean to chair the Commission on Peace and Reconciliation.

Dumiso Dabengwa

In a facebook post, Maphosa said, “Now that the Peace and Reconciliation Bill has been
signed into law, and anticipating resolution on many atrocities that were committed by
the Zanu Pf government on the Zimbabwean people, may I suggest that the Peace and
Reconciliation Commission be operationalized expeditiously, with a meaningful
budgetary provision and allocation. Also, I propose that the Commission be chaired by a
non Zimbabwean professional”.

“At the least let the chairperson be selected from either the SADC region or the African
Union. The chairperson must be a person who has an appreciation of our cultures as
diverse Zimbabweans, with a clear understanding of the importance of unity and co-
habitation as citizens confined within the same boarder lines. I anticipate and hope for an
amicable resolution to cases such as the 2008 electoral violence, Murambatsvina,
Gukurahundi and every other violation on our people by a government that has pushed an
elitist and discriminatory agenda driven by their allergy to equality, accountability,
inclusivity, diversity and good governance”.

Maphosa, who recently called on the media, other political parties and civic organizations
to stop what he termed commercialization of past atrocities in Zimbabwe, said the signing
the Peace and Reconciliation Bill into law by President Mnangagwa gives renewed hope
the atrocities and rights abuses will be resolved to pave way for a positive co existence of
the Zimbabwean citizens.

The young party spokesperson went on to acknowledge the absence of a provision to
accommodate his suggestion but quickly suggested that the current constitution be
amended to cater for that.

“I know the constitution does not have the provision for my suggestion but looking at the
sensitivity of the issues at hand, its only wise we consider a person who is not attached
and has no interests whatsoever for a comprehensively proper, fair and dignified solution
that is free of dispute. After all, constitutions are made for the people and people are
never made for constitutions. To me that will be a valid reason for amendment”, he said.

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