ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE: Chihuri Sued Millions For Looting

All hell has broken loose on former ZRP boss Augustine Chihuri who used to force junior officers in the force to pay mandatory subscriptions for illegal projects. The scandal was first exposed by 3 years ago.

Officers have begun mobilising for their lawsuit.

The cops are reclaiming money that was taken from them through illegal salary deductions.

The deductions were used by Chihuri to allegedly pay allowances for some of his senior officers. The former superiors named in the lawsuit are commissioners Grace Ndebele, Evelen Mlilo and Munyori Taedzerwa.

The below letter is the first of the mobilisation campaign:

Did you train in depot between 2005 up to date, did you work in depot during the same period (sic)?

Were you forced to contribute the following unlawful payments, DCI’s fund, Kuyedza fund, depot upkeep, CGP’s [Commissioner General Police] Gala fund, CGP’s fun fare (sic) fund, church service fund, raffle tickets, instructors’ fee, batmen’s fee (sic)?

Please be advised that the people behind this, Grace Ndebele and Evelen Mlilo and Munyori Taedzerwa, are no longer protected, as they are now ex-members. Let’s report all to the Commercial Crime Unit and pursue a civil suit to recover our money (sic).

That money was abused for personal gain. There was no independent audit and complains were dealt with ruthlessly as Chihuri used the money to pay senior officers’ retention allowances ranging from $900 to $1 500 monthly from looted funds (sic). 

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