Charamba Says Diasporans In the US, UK etc Can Vote In 2018 Elections

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesman George Charamba has announced saying diasporans can vote.

George Charamba

Speaking on the ZIFM stereo Thursday night, Charamba said “there is nothing stopping the diaspora from voting. What is at stake is the cost of that participation…”

“…it’s not like there is a clause in the constitution which disinherits…which disenfranchises those in the diaspora…”

He said the challenge comes when a person for instance in the United States having no ward they are registered in, are forced to travel back home simply to register, fly back and then have to travel back next time to vote.

Grilled on if the army will allow free elections and accept a Zanu PF loss, Charamba said “the military is not above the constitution. If anything, it defends the Constitution.” He says the army will abide by result of elections.

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