Grace Mugabe’s Porshe Accident | FRESH DETAILS

An expensive Porsche belonging to former First Lady Grace Mugabe and driven by one of her relatives along the Gaborone-Plumtree Road was involved in a road traffic accident on Friday night while being driven to South Africa.

An eye witness who is a Tswana citizen at the scene told of the accident saying all cars were damaged. (SEE VIDEO).

Other eye witnesses also told VOA Studio 7 that the Porsche, which is one of the vehicles held by Customs and Immigration official at the Plumtree border post for several house, sustained damages when it was involved in a head on collision with another vehicle in Artisia, a few kilometres outside Gaborone.

Indications are that the vehicle, which is among two other expensive vehicles belonging to Mrs. Mugabe and her son Russell Goreraza, is now in custody of local police, who were not reachable for comment.

Russell and a close relative are among the people who were driving the vehicles to South Africa for either repairs or upgrading. But observers say former president Robert Mugabe and his family are being investigated for alleged corruption and as a result they were now stashing some of the their prized belongings outside the country.

Mugabe was toppled in a military takeover last November described by securocrats as a cleanup exercise to get rid of “criminals” who had surrounded him.

There was no official comment from the Mugabe family.-voa

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