Land reform killed more people than Gukurahundi: White Farmer

There was drama yesterday evening when a white farmer narrated the ordeal of dispossessed farmers and then declared that Robert Mugabe’s chaotic land reform program killed more people than Gukurahundi.

Although he provided no further statistics, he was criticised over what some participants claimed shows that “only 24 white farmers” were killed during the violent raids, against a 22,000 swelling number of civilians massacred during Gukurahundi.

“…and if we are talking about numbers, I would say it is as bad and worse than Gukurahundi,” the white farmer said.

Others backed the white farmer, saying there are in fact more thousands who were killed during the farm invasions, a number that comes from the 5 million plus citizens who were pushed into the diaspora as a result of the farm invasions which had an instant debilitating effect on the economy.

But MDC member Dissent Bajila disagrees, and he says “I also attended yesterday’s Public Meeting on Gukurahundi. Prominent figures like Zimbabwe Human Rights Commissioner Japhet Ndabeni Ncube, National Peace and Reconciliation Commissioner Lesley Ncube, Paul Themba Nyathi, Ian Makone, Sharry Apel, Jenny Williams, Magodonga Mahlangu, Thokozani KhupeAbednico Bhebhe , Ezra Sibanda, and ZANU PF Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs Mr Lewis Matutu formed parts of the huge audience.( If you think I am prominent, count me in that list too)

“To me the most memorable moment was when a white fellow stood up from the audience during plenary. The fellow started by stating his credentials. He said he was speaking on behalf of white farmers and all farmworkers whose rights were violated during the fast track land reform programme. He then moved straight to his point. His point was that the land reform programme killed far more people than Gukurahundi. That was all he wanted to say.

Let’s discuss this white point folks.”

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