Mnangagwa Fails To Table A Post-Mugabe Agenda

Politically, Emmerson Munangagwa behaves like a man who takes advice from his enemies. His ‘panel of experts’ must be a bunch of ambitious Machiavellians that want him to fall quickly so that they succeed him or esle they are vegetative idiots.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

After rhetorising on Zimbabwe being now open for business he goes on to quickly show that the country is closed to modern understandings of human rights. He handled the questions on Gukurahundi like a true tin-pot dictator from the 40s and 50s not a president of a modern state. If this man was ever a lawyer, the lawyer in him died long ago.

If Zimbabwe had a vibrant political opposition, political violence, human rights violations and corruption are the political themes to totally drown the so called crocodile. He is not ready for international politics hence the attempt to reduce that journalist to a reporter of The People’s Voice. He squandered an opportunity to reflect a true post-Mugabe era and instead portrayed a return to primitive tyranny and fascism.

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