Rugeje Orders Businesspeople To Fund Zanu PF Campaign Programme

In typical military style Retired Lieutenant General Englebert Rugeje has ordered local businesspeople to fund Zanu PF campaign programmes.

Retired Major General Englebert Rugeje

Rugeje who is the Zanu PF Political Commissar has warned he will not hesitate to confront unruly business operations in and around the province.

Rugeje told party supporters at a meeting in Masvingo yesterday businesspeople were reluctant to support Zanu PF adding the entrepreneurs were deliberately sabotaging ruling party activities.

“We have so many rich people in and around Masvingo Province but nobody is willing to support our programmes.

We know that some businesspeople are working with imperialists to sabotage government operations,” said Rugeje.

He added:” You have to cooperate with us if you want to be safe because we will not tolerate those who want to besmirch our leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa. “

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