Triangle farm invader ‘is related’ to Deputy Minister Marapira

Latest details gathered by on the ground in Triangle suggest that the farm invader who was caught on camera taking over Mpapa farm, is in fact a close relative of the Lands And Agriculture Deputy Minister Davis Marapira. The development is also set to rope in President Emmerson Mnangagwa himself as the Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi family is closely connected to the new Head of State.

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans (see LIVE stats below) have reacted with shock at the development as it contradicts promises made by the new government upon taking over power barely two months ago.

“The Deputy Minister Marapira’s wife is Mutendi’s aunt,” a source close to the family told on Saturday.

ZimEye also found out that Mutendi himself is from the Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi’s close circuit family. While Bishop Mutendi officiated at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration in November last year, it was not clear at the time of writing if the President is aware and or complicit in the farm invasion.

What seemed to be more telling exposing political hands at play was that despite the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Davis Marapira telephoning the farmer Shane Warth on Friday, it has since emerged that police details on Sunday morning telephoned and demanded that Warth turns up at the Triangle police station to answer for yet to be announced police charges.

Everything happening at present is contrary to what President Mnangagwa himself has vowed – his special advisor Chris Mutsvangwa made a public announcement soon after the Operation Restore Order that the Land Reform is now over.

“Land reform is over. Now we want inclusiveness. All citizens who had a claim to land by birthright, we want them to feel they belong and we want them to build a new country because this economy is shattered,” said Mutsvangwa.

The development filmed on LIVE VIDEO on Thursday saw Zimbabweans in the UK threatening to rope in the British government who have promised Zimbabwe aid. One man wrote saying he was rushing to London to meet Foreign Affairs Secretary Boris Johnson.

The video has since become the most watched Zimbabwean Facebook LIVE video since the Operation Restore Order (in November) now with a swelling 311,000 plus views. ZimEye is making a follow up with the government of Zimbabwe on the case.

The farm owners are Shane and Denise Warth and below is the LIVE video shot earlier, Thursday. ALSO SEE COMMENTS FROM SOME ZIMBABWEANS OVER THE MATTER.


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