“We’re not scared of Prof. Moyo and G-40”

ZANU-PF is stronger than ever following the clinical execution of Operation Restore Legacy and attempts by former member, Professor Jonathan Moyo and his G40 cabal to denigrate the party will not have any effect, a senior party official said yesterday.

Jonathan Moyo

Speaking on the sidelines of a party rally in Ntabazinduna, Zanu-PF secretary for administration, Dr Obert Mpofu said the Government under the new administration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa was unstoppable.
In fact, Dr Mpofu said, the party was receiving overwhelming numbers of people who want to join it, including some senior officials fired along former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru.

He was responding to reports that some members of the G40 cabal expelled from Zanu-PF were working with local pressure groups in a bid to cause unrest in the country.

“We are aware of such moves but they are bound to fail because we are a mass party and not many people would want to go against Zanu-PF.

“Actually those, the radical element of detraction, are pleading to come back,” said Dr Mpofu.
He said he was, on a daily basis, receiving many people who were either expelled or suspended from the party expressing their wishes to be accepted back into Zanu-PF.

“They are coming back and they have written letters including those of the Mujuru factor, they are coming back not as individuals but as big numbers, very senior people. They want to come home.
“We have at the same time the disciplinary committee dealing with those issues but I can assure you, it’s not easy to be out of Zanu-PF and even the opposition knows that Zanu-PF is stronger than ever before, following the developments that took place,” said Dr Mpofu.

“That’s why those that feel affected are doing their best to try and demonise the process but it won’t work.”

Earlier addressing the rally, Dr Mpofu said the former President Cde Robert Mugabe, towards the end of his reign, had been surrounded by criminals from the G40 cabal.

He said Cde Mugabe’s situation was worsened because the cabal used former First Lady Mrs Grace Mugabe to mislead the former president in pursuit of their sinister agenda.

“When the devil enters you through your wife, you will be in a very terrible situation because they will demand that you either choose them or the person they are fighting,” said Dr Mpofu.

“In our African culture, if you see a woman acting in an unbecoming manner in front of men to an extent of insulting other people’s husbands, you know that there is a problem.”

Dr Mpofu said it was embarrassing for President Mnangagwa who was Vice President at the time of the interface rallies to be insulted as he sat with his wife.

He praised President Mnangagwa for remaining calm and composed in the face of the attacks saying the truth always conquers lies.

Dr Mpofu said the G40 cabal wanted to use last year’s extraordinary congress to fire President Mnangagwa and replace him with Mrs Mugabe.

He said the faction however realised that President Mnangagwa would defeat Mrs Mugabe when put head to head and then sent “witches” to poison him.

“Those who poisoned him were very vocal in the media denying that President Mnangagwa had been poisoned,” said Dr Mpofu.

He said some G40 proponents were spread out of the country in flight because of the evil they had committed against the people.

Dr Mpofu said the G40 cabal led by Mrs Mugabe, in their naivety developed confidence “greater than that of a witch” by attacking the military and the generals.

He said the military then intervened to target criminals that had surrounded Cde Mugabe and after the operation returned to the barracks showing that the Zimbabwean armed forces are among the most disciplined in the world.

“Zanu-PF now enjoys massive support, come elections you will see what will happen. Even the MDCs are crying, they want us to delay the polls but we insist that we will follow the constitution,” said Dr Mpofu.

He said Prof Moyo, in his overestimated intellect, failed to reform from his past life by thinking he was more clever than anyone.

“We campaigned for him thinking he had reformed but he was worse. The person at the forefront of the chaos came from Matabeleland North going around destroying provinces but here he failed to implement his shenanigans because we blocked him,” said Dr Mpofu.

“Do not listen to the lies that are being peddled by defeated people.” State Media

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