Who did Mnangagwa listen to to declare 21st February a national holiday?

 Let's take to the streets on 21 February 2018

Emmerson Mnangagwa

The President of Zimbabwe, Comrade Emmerson Mnangagwa’s blunders in the short time he has been President are too many. Another major blunder he made was declaring the birthday of an ousted dictator Robert Mugabe a national holiday after listening to only a handful of Zanu PF supporters.

Whether it was just a question of wanting to pacify an ousted dictator, or Mnagangwa genuinely believes that honouring Mugabe that way is the best thing to do remains a mystery, but the bottom line is that Mnangagwa insults our intelligence in the process.
People were roughed up by Mugabe, including those in his own party, to the extent that the majority of Zimbabweans who suffered under Mugabe will not want to hear Mugabe continue to be glorified the way Mnangagwa wants us to celebrate a dictator.
Probably, those who do not want to celebrate the birthday of a dictator must be allowed to demonstrate on the day to show their displeasure at now a whole President wants them to celebrate the birth of a dictator. I hope the “people-friendly” Zimbabwe National Army will not brutalise demonstrators as experienced in Bulawayo recently were when people showing their displeasure at Mnangagwa’s participation in Gukurahundi killings were brutalised by Zanu PF youths, the police and the army.
Where is the freedom that people had hoped the country had at last achieved following the ousting of a dictator. Mnangagwa is proving each and every day that he is just as bad as Mugabe.
I am calling upon all Zimbabweans to start planning action to demonstrate their displeasure at being forced to celebrate Dictator Mugabe’s birthday come 21 February 2018.
Comrade Mnangagwa wants us to celebrate the birthday of a man who took 14 farms to himself where thousands of Zimbabweans have no decent piece of land? Why why why Comrade Mnangagwa.
I challenge President Mnangagwa to swallow his pride and reverse the 21 February Movement holiday henceforth.

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