It’s Tsvangirai legacy vs Mnangagwa in 2018 election

At a time when some people were writing off the MDC-T  in the 2018 election, there is new hope that the MDC-T will turn the tables against Zanu PF who had been fast gaining ground based on promises made by the Mnangagwa administration, some of which are proving to be false to the public.

Morgan Tsvangirai

The MDC-T and the MDC Alliance’s hope have been rekindled by the sudden realisation by Zimbabweans who had been misled into believing that Tsvangirai was a puppet of the West, and that the MDC-T was a Western creation.  Zimbabweans have now realised that this was all just mudslinging by Zanu PF, and that Tsvangirai and the MDC-T are indeed the opposite of what Zanu PF under the Mugabe regime used to portray the man and the party he led.

People who had been hoodwinked into believing that Tsvangirai was a puppet of the West now see the current Zanu PF regime, with the same people who used to denounce Tsvangirai for calling for international investment now desperately trying to woe the Western countries to invest in Zimbabwe, with Mnangagwa having admitted publicly that when he sees a good policy from the opposition he takes it to be his.

While the Mnangagwa regime had earlier managed to hoodwink the people of Zimbabwe that the expressions of the Western countries were a commitment to invest in Zimbabwe, yet the truth of the matter is that the Western countries are giving a condition which Zanu PF is failing to follow through, that of free and fair elections. In a story in The Herald of 23 February titled a flowery heading “Switzerland hails ED”, it turned out that the Western world are still sceptical about the promises the Mnangagwa regime is making as the outgoing Swiss Ambassador told the media that   “President Mnangagwa’s promises on economic development and governance issues will bring prosperity to  Zimbabwe if they are followed through”,  adding  that “So I have to say the messages we are receiving from President Mnangagwa in all these areas, with focus on economic development and also governance areas, granting free, fair and credible and transparent elections, are very positive and welcoming messages”.

The western countries are therefore waiting to see if Mnangagwa will deliver free and fair elections, but already he has failed the test, as chiefs have already been deployed to terrorise the populace by recording the registered voters’ voting slips, and when the Zimbabwe Elections Commission tried to intervene, were told by Zanu PF officials that Zanu PF does not listen to the commission. Zimbabweans are slowly but surely seeing there is no end in sight to the country’s troubles as long as Zanu PF is in power. Imagine now there is conflict between the Chiefs and Zanu PF where in Manicaland Zanu PF has admitted that Chiefs have gone further in doing work for Zanu PF to the extent that they are clashing over candidate selection. The elections which the western countries hope will be free and fair have therefore already been rigged.
On some of his trips outside Zimbabwe where he has addressed Zimbabweans based in the Diaspora, President has been asked point blank that the Diaspora based Zimbabweans want their constitutional right to vote, and he flatly said those who want to vote should travel to vote. He also gave a false impression at Davos that Zimbabweans in the Diaspora were able to vote, as if he had put systems in place to enable them to from their countries of domicile.
With Zimbabweans now fully aware that Morgan Tsvangirai was a good person, a national hero opposed to the labels he had got from Zanu PF, one is inclined to think that Zimbabweans will vote to see that the aspirations of Morgan Tsvangirai are fulfilled.
Tsvangirai’s death has shake Zanu PF, amid evidence that the Manicaland Province of Zanu PF even tried to shed crocodile tears while using Tsvangirai’s death to woo voters for themselves. Shame of Zanu PF.

Zimbabweans must demonstrate to Zanu PF that hate politics has no place in Zimbabwe and vote Zanu PF out.

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