Mnangagwa blames G40 for Command Agriculture failure

President Mnangagwa has blamed his Command Agriculture program failure on the G40 faction.

He said this year’s Command Agriculture Programme did not do well after being sabotaged by the G40 cabal following its resounding success the previous year.

Speaking in Guruve yesterday, Mnangagwa said, “following the resounding success of the Command Agriculture Programme, its detractors moved in and threw spanners in the works. They delayed in securing inputs, but from now onwards be rest assured that all inputs will be availed on time. I deliberately appointed Comrade Perrance Shiri as the Agriculture Minister because of his proven track record as a hands-on person,” he said.

Mnangagwa added: “We want to say bye-bye to hunger for good. A total of 400 000 hectares will be put under Command Agriculture from now onwards. From the 400 000 hectares, we expect to realise two million metric tonnes. A total of 1, 8 million households will be supported by the Presidential Inputs Scheme and we will never go wrong with these two programmes.”

He said Government had launched fishery and fruit tree projects in the province as part of empowering villagers.

“Land must be productive. We should start preparing for the future now. We now have Zagrinda running in Norton. This plant processes juices from fruits and crops like tomatoes and butternuts.

“If we start growing trees now, by the time we construct a processing plant here, the raw materials will be readily available,” he said.

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