Mnangagwa Must Declare Morgan Tsvangirai A National Hero

Kerina Mujati| Let’s see if the Junta denies him to rest at Heroes Acre…. A hero doesn’t mean one has to be ZanuPF and fought in the bushes of chimoio.

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangira

A polite reminder to the Junta it is not about you awarding Morgan Richard Tsvangirai Hero status to lay at the Heroes Acre for your pathetic Political mileage, in the eyes of democracy and progressive politics he was the true face of Opposition Politics and he gave hope to many Zimbabweans of ALL colour. Morgan was a true Hero hence millions of Zimbabwean people followed his leadership. He gave his mighty and you stole his Election in 2008.

It is in the best interest of our nation that those who are TRUE Heroes are honoured. As much as I did not support your call on Sanctions and discouraging your supporters to partake in land ressettlment and at times flip floppping,that should not take away your bravery, will and dedication to an equal Zimbabwe. True Son of the Soil may your dearly departed soul rest in eternal peace. Forever Zimbabwe and the world will remember your journey and the struggle you led. I salute you. Famba zvinyoro nyoro Save. #cd3sistermwenewazvo#

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