Professor Ncube’s bombshell partially clarifies the confusion in MDC-T

Leaders must unit and plan ahead

Prof Welshman Ncube

Professor Ncube has done well to shed light on a conversation he had with the late national hero, Morgan Tsvangirai in which the late hero hinted that he wanted Honourable Nelson Chamisa to take over as MDC-T President. What did not come clear, which Professor Ncube may want to expand on, is whether this meant Honourable Chamisa would just take over without being subjected to an election, or whether the late President Tsvangirai meant he was confident that Hon Chamisa would win the election without fail.

Being a democratic party, I would think it would be best to fulfil the constitutional requirement that requires that a special congress¬† is held to fill the vacant post left by Dr. Tsvangirai. I am aware time is running out, but the candidates’ campaign – if there is more than one contestant, would be healthy for the party as each candidate will be selling the party programme and themselves to the electorate, creating more visibility for the party ahead of the general elections.
A Special Congress could be a good morale booster too for the party, and obviously the winning candidate who can add to his profile ahead of elections that he or she was democratically elected and therefore carries the people’s mandate.
The leadership of the MDC-T should meet soon after burial to discuss these things so that they move the party forward in an attempt to fulfil the vision of the late Dr. Tsvangirai
Zanu PF is not capable of beating an organised MDC Alliance, so the sooner the leaders organise themselves the better.

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