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Renowned journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has rubbished a Daily News story that ailing MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai has gone on a ten day hunger strike describing the story as bad as a just a pub gossip. In an article he flighted on his Facebook page, Chin’ono who claims to have had an opportunity to meet Tsvangirai in person at the hospital dismissed the daily publication’s story as an irresponsible reporting.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai

The full post by Chin’ono reads as follows:

“I am disturbed by this type of morbid journalism that we are seeing lately. The Daily News writes here about Morgan Tsvangirai going on a hunger strike for ten days whilst at the same time on chemotherapy and according to the article ending up in the Intensive Care Unit.
This is impossible and ridiculous!

How does a patient as unwell as Tsvangirai go for ten days on hunger strike and yet is able to make decisions about his Vice Presidents according to Luke Tamborinyoka his spokesman?
ICU by its very nature does not allow a patient the option to make such decisions.

So if Tsvangirai is in ICU, who is tweeting in his name disparaging his family?

The media should not get involved in party factional battles by writing and publishing dross.
This is as bad as the state media creating embarrassing and fictional James Bond stories and telling interviewees what to say.

Our national media is in the ICU and unfortunately the practitioners themselves are the ones on common sense hunger strike.

Anyone who has seen a patient struggling with cancer as I did with my own brother would not only be upset by such rubbish stories but would know that it is bollocks.

The problem with a lie is that once said, you have to keep on creating more lies to cover your tracks. We need new voices.

This story is not plausible and I put my head on the block and say that it is contrived but unfortunately it’s a shoddy job.
Propaganda must be believable to be effective.

National newspapers shouldn’t publish pub gossip!”

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