ZEF Press Statement on the Passing of Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai

Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) joins the world today in mourning the passing of Dr Morgan Tsvangirai. Dr Tsvangirai yesterday succumbed to colon cancer in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Tsvangirai’s last moments in hospital

The democracy icon however leaves Zimbabwe with a potent legacy of selflessness, humility, bravery, generosity, among other values. More important is the fact that Doctor Tsvangirai stands out as the most notable post-independence beacon of tirelessness and consistence in the quest to democratize Zimbabwe.

From humble beginnings, Dr Tsvangirai has inspired millions in and outside Zimbabwe. He has survived torture, assassination attempts and many other forms of abuse at the hands of former President Robert Mugabe’s rule, yet he surmounted all publicly known and unknown challenges, except what God ordained in his last days on earth.

We in the diaspora salute Dr Tsvangirai for the contribution he has given the country in terms of patriotism, democracy, human rights and tolerance. We also thank the Embassy and Consulate of Zimbabwe in South Africa in anticipation of the help that they will extend to the Tsvangirai family in order to give our Dear Departed a dignified rest back home.

To close relatives and friends, we say thank you for sharing Morgan Tsvangirai with us all these past years. Hopefully, you will find comfort in realizing that Zimbabwe and the world feel this agonizing loss with you. To the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), we can only hope that Dr Tsvangirai’s life leaves lessons in humility, generosity, resilience, and above all, love for country, democracy and accommodation of diversity.

Rest In Peace, Save.

Adv Gabriel Shumba

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