Chamisa’s Bullet Train is a huge possibility in the next five years

Dear Editor,

Nelson Chamisa

Some people have questioned Nelson Chamisa’s wisdom is saying his Government would introduce a bullet train in the first five years of getting into power. It is possible to get the bullet train running in less that 5 years of the MDC getting into power.

The fundamental question that people should have asked should have been whether the country needs a bullet train or not. I think we do. If one has been introduced in Morocco, a fellow African country, what is bad about introducing it in Zimbabwe.
In my opinion, a bullet train would be good for the country to improve the transport system. Faster travel is only possible through the plane, and many Zimbabweans may not afford the cost of flying on an plane for urgent business. I am assuming here that the bullet train will be slightly cheaper that the plan, enabling people who cannot afford to fly to use the train. I am sure the bullet train service between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls will make it easier for tourists, both local and international, to access one of the seven wonders of the world, and that will boost the country’s tourism industry, bringing in revenue in the process.
I am also sure that even those who think it is impossible to introduce the bullet train in the time frame given by Chamisa still see the benefit of introducing such a services. In my opinion, this is where Zimbabwe can invite investors to invest in infrastructure. Government does not have to wait until it saves enough money to be in a position to introduce the bullet train, but can invite the companies that produce bullet trains to invest in the country if it is viable. The trains will not offer a free ride to passengers, so investors only need to see how viable the business is to invest, and once they see the business being able to generate profit, they can invest willingly. We have the Diaspora Investment Consortium, for example, who are willing to invest in viable projects, or to court foreign companies willing to invest in Zimbabwe to do joint ventures. Government itself can also open to interested investors to invest in bullet trains.
I would like to encourage Chamisa not to be deterred by detractors and continue to spell out his vision, just like all others parties and candidates are free to spell out their visions. Locomotives for sure have no place in the future, and those who want to make quick gains to be seen to bringing in development have surely been left with egg on their face.
Go Chamisa Go. Know that there are many of us out there who are keen to explore the feasibility of those things that you are spelling out in your vision so that they are implemented for the development of the country.

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