Comrade Mnangagwa: $250 million is not 45 percent of $3.1 billion

What have you been smoking?

Tendai Biti

Former Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, must be thanked for making it clear to the Zimbabwean public and the world at large that taking out money in the currency that is in use in that country is not externalising. I am sure that Biti, an intelligent lawyer  who is also highly knowledgeable in financial matters will have done his research and analysis well before making the statement, which is likely to leave President Emmerson Mnangagwa with egg on his face.

Apart from the revelation by Biti which seem to have been supported by a few fundis, which President Mnangagwa is yet to respond to, it is strange that President Mnangagwa says the return of $250 million out of an “externalised” $3.1 billion is a forty five percent success rate in terms of value.

What has been our dear President smoking. Take your calculators and calculate properly what percentage $250 million is as a fraction of $3.1 billion and tell me what you will come up with. I was impressed by Amai Mujuru who appeared on video calculating some mathematical problems mentally live, yet Comrade Mnangwagwa had all the time to analyse the data he gave before taking it to the media, and still got it wrong.

Was Comrade President Mnangagwa giving this percentage in self-praise? Or is it because age is catching up with him and he can no longer calculate properly? Whichever of the two positions is correct, Zimbabweans do not deserve such a leader, and the best advice is for him to retire and rest.

Civil servants have been made to retire at 65 years because at that age the mental capacity starts to go down and people can no longer the trusted with large responsibility. Even their bodies will need rest at that point. If they continue to work, they may do so for another ten years, upon which they must retire and spend the rest of their life sharing experiences through publications and telling stories about their lives.

Zimbabweans should never allow another experience where an old man who has lost control leads the country as he is subject to influence by those around him as happened with former President Comrade Robert Mugabe. And it is people like President Mnangagwa who was pushing Mugabe to continue in power at that old age. The country needs a new constitution that will limit the age at which someone can contest for elections to 70 years – five years more that the stipulated retirement of civil servants, so we need a leader who can make that happen. Mnangagwa can certainly not allow such a change as he will be chasing a second term, so Zimbabweans must make sure he loses in the 2018 election.

I strongly appeal to Zimbabweans to vote against people who are old and will sleep on the job.

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