Mnangagwa proves he is the election joke of 2018

Dear Editor,

Emmerson Mnangagwa

So, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s list of people who “externalised” money is out. Zimbabweans had expected President Mnangagwa to be honest for the first time and put his name top on the list, or should it have been Gushungo Holdings or Dr. Grace Mugabe first?

The world knows too well that the Mugabe family have bought properties outside Zimbabwe, and those houses were not bought using Bond notes or bearer cheques. The properties were bought using US$, which as Tendai Biti has accurately pointed out, is the currency that is in use in Zimbabwe, so what the dull President Emmerson Mnangagwa has called externalisation is not externalisation at all, in the first place. Dull President Emmerson Mnangagwa has to save face and find another name to call what he called externalisation, because it is not externalisation at all, trusting brilliant Biti as I do.

Back to the list, I see it is full of businesses. Interestingly, Mnangagwa is crying out for foreign investment, and with the situation as it is, how will foreign companies use the profits they have earned to buy more equipment and materials for continued production when they end up being listed on a list of businesses that are externalising money?

All those Zanu PF  supporters, especially the youth who have been looking up to Mnangagwa as the economic saviour of Zimbabwe need a re-think. Mnangagwa has proved too dull to pin your hopes on. Apart from being dull, his mental faculties are past their best before date, and he needs to retire the same way he retired Mariyawanda Nzuwa.

How can Zimbabwe be led by a President who fails simple calculations and thinks that $250 million is 45 percent of $1.3 billion? I felt sorry for Comrade Mnangagwa when he repeatedly said the $250 million which had been returned by people who had externalised the US$ was forty five percent of the $1.3 bilion that had been externalised? How can a whole President and all his advisors fail to make such a simple calculation.

How can a whole President of Zimbabwe tell the world that we had free and fair elections in 2008? Are you even sure of yourself Comrade Mnangagwa? Please wake up from your slumber.

How can a President of a country tell the world in a media interview at Davos that Zimbabweans in the Diaspora will be able to vote in 2018 – the video clip should be available in which President Mnangagwa answers a question about the Diaspora vote saying Zimbabweans in the Diaspora will be able to vote. What Comrade Mnangagwa wants is the money sent by the people in the Diaspora, but he never makes any effort to ensure that their rights are met. How many times, Comrade Mnangagwa, have you be told by Zimbabweans in the Diaspora that they want to exercise their right to vote? And what effort have you made to ensure that these people are able to vote in 2018?

Zimbabweans, especially young with a long future on mother earth, I strongly encourage you to vote Emmerson Munangagwa out

Kennedy Kaitano

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