Our President is disgusting – MDC-T, affected families and Human Rights Lawyers must act

Dear Comrade Mnangagwa,

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa

You had managed to make Zimbabweans and the international community believe that you are a changed man, but the thought that you now have real competition in the coming elections has brought out the real Emmerson Mnangagwa that Zimbabweans are used to – a ruthless man.

Your cruelty was revealed back during the Gukurahundi days, when you addressed rallies to Matebeleland proudly saying Government would extend the killing to the civilians who harboured dissidents. You tried to deny your involvement in Gukurahundi in any manner until David Coltart was forced to dig into the archives and reproduced stories written in state media during the disturbances to prove that you were salivating at the death of innocent civilian Zimbabweans.

Zimbabweans, what more evidence do you need that Emmerson Mnangagwa is a pretender, a cruel person who shades crocodile tears. When he was pretending to play nice, he had thought he had no competition and was going to roll past the opposition in elections. Several Zanu PF officials and The Crocodile himself made remarks a few weeks into his Presidency that there was no opposition. Recent political developments where the MDC Alliance seem to be gaining ground, and the thought of a party linked to former President Robert seem to have jolted The Crocodile, as Mnangagwa is popularly known, to momentarily revert to his real self and make pronouncements that there were never any killings during the 2008 elections, and that they had always been free and fair elections in Zimbabwe when SADC and the African Union had to intervene because Zanu PF had rigged the results of the first round of the 2008 Presidential elections to force a run-off of the election and went on to kill hundreds of innocent MDC-T activists ahead of the Zanu PF manufactured run-off of the elections.

Zimbabweans and the world need an apology from you, Mr. President, for your careless utterances. Your rough utterances may, in fact be as a result of old age catching up with you which could be causing you to forget important historical events, so better retire than contest for a highly responsible job at the age of 75 years.

I would encourage the Human Rights Lawyers Association, the MDC-T whose members were killed and the families who lost their families to stage a demonstration against Comrade Mnangagwa to force him to withdraw his stupid utterances, and to provide the evidence that he says is not available of people who perished during preparations of what was supposed to be a run-off of the 2008 Presidential elections.

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