Selectively listening Mnangagwa only listens to those with money

 No concern for the plight of poor university candidates

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Soon after he was helped by the army into office, Zimbabwean illegitimate President Emmerson Mnangagwa embarked on an offensive to meet various stakeholders of Zimbabwe: chiefs, churches and many others.

Among his meetings was a meeting with institutions of higher education. One would have thought he would be asking the leaders of the institutions of higher education what challenges they faced, and actively listening to appreciate the nature of the problems. If he had asked the right questions and listened carefully, one of the challenges he would have been told of is the inability by the students to pay fees, and as he claims he want to develop Zimbabwe’s human capital base, he would have come up with an emergency plan to ensure students who qualify to go to universities and colleges can access higher education.
Today, my family is failing to raise $773 needed for my brother to go to university, because we are all unemployed. Does Mnangagwa really think he will get my family’s vote?
Mnangagwa pretends he is a listening President, yet in reality he is not. He is a cheater who wants his audience to believe him. How many times has Mnangagwa gone abroad and addressed Zimbabweans and was told of the need for those in the Diaspora to vote? And what has he done about it?  He has simply said the Diaspora Zimbabweans will not vote without even trying to explore ways in which they could vote as outlined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. All Diaspora Zimbabweans should tell their families in Zimbabwe not to vote for Emmerson Mnangagwa who denies them their constitutional right to vote.
I also encourage all students in institutions of higher learning facing financial difficulties to encourage all your families to vote against Mnangagwa who is causing you so much suffering. A new Government will find ways of ensuring that everyone has access to higher education.
All Mnangagwa likes are the people with money who can invest in Zimbabwe so that he is appreciated for reviving the economy, period. He doesn’t care about those who may fail to access higher education, because for him there are already enough unemployed graduates, a situation cased by a Government which he was part of, holding the powerful position of Vice-President in the later years.
Vote Mnangagwa out of the temporary office he occupies.

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