Avoid bank queues, go to a Zanu PF rally

And get cash easily: President Mnangagwa champion of deception

Emmerson Mnangagwa



I nearly cried my lungs out after watching a video of a Zanu PF campaign meeting where an aspiring Zanu PF candidate was dishing out wades of bond notes to prospective voters, who I later learnt were also required to present their voter registration slips to qualify for the money. I did a survey and was told this was the practice country-wide. Earlier in the week I had been told the money merchants had invaded parts of Harare doling out cash to prospective voters, who were also required to present their voter registration slips and entered into a register.
The catch is that once you accept Zanu PF cash and you are entered into the Zanu PF register, the party will not let you go. You become a slave of the party, hence the argument by  They will invite you to every activity they hold, they will monitor your movements. However, the beauty of it all is that when you get into the polling booth, no one, and not the most sophisticated machine or camera will see who who are voting for.
Even if you got their cash, fellow Zimbabweans, let us free ourselves from this oppressive party that has ruined the country for thirty eight years. Vote them out. Zanu PF must be shocked by the election results in the same way Bishop Abel Muzorewa was shocked in 1980. Corruption is a cancer that has sunk its roots deep into all Zanu PF officials at all levels, from the President to every office holder, and we the general mass are only treated to their corruptly obtain cash at election time.
Think of it, there is a foreign currency crisis in the country, forcing businesses which should employ people to either struggle or shut down. There are no drugs in hospitals, there is not enough money to pay the teachers and nurses an decent salary, but Zanu PF spends billions importing cars and campaign material from abroad? They spend money on tee-shirts which are printed abroad. And all this is happening under the watch the so-called Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new dispensation which has promised a zero tolerance on corruption.
There are two possible positions regarding these purchases of expensive campaign cars, campaign regalia being imported billboards and other material to be used by Zanu PF in this campaign. It’s either Mnangagwa doesn’t care about the people of Zimbabwe and has used all the existing resources in the country to oil his election campaign, or these are donations by foreign governments, most likely China, against the requirements of the Political Parties Finance Act which prevents political parties like Zanu PF to receive foreign donations. These could be gifts from countries like China and Russia who have been promised business by Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.
Whichever way, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, you are the real burden to Zimbabweans. You are the real burden to any hopes for the future recovery of Zimbabwe, and you must resign out of shame. Your purchase of expense of expensive election tools, whether you have cleaned out the few resources from parastatals or government departments, or you obtained these from your all weather friends, you have proved yourself to be a master of corruption, and you must lose this election. In fact, to reserve some dignity, you should just resign and walk away from the election to prove you are real and anti-corruption. When you do your Pasi ne mhandu (down with the enemy) slogan, know that you are the real enemy of the people of Zimbabwe.

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