Hypocritical Mnangagwa is the champion for conflating party and state activities


President Emmerson Mnangagwa

The statement by President Emmerson Mnangagwa that there should be no conflation between party and state activities is an unsuccessful attempt to spruce his name after the exposure that the police managed the Zanu PF primary elections held last Sunday, with some spilling into Monday and Tuesday. I call it an unsuccessful attempt because Comrade President Mnangagwa only touched on the use, or shall I call it abuse, of the police officers, something that Zanu PF is well known for, to the extent that uniformed services have been made work for Zanu PF officials’ personal projects – on the forms and elsewhere.

Perhaps we also need to ask him why the Zanu PF primary elections were held at Government schools? Are we going to see all other political parties who choose to hold their primary elections in classrooms as was done by Zanu PF? Isn’t that abuse of state resources? Did Zanu PF pay for use of classrooms as their polling stations? Where are the records for the payments made?

Hypocritical Mnangagwa forgets that he has called Zanu PF Provincial chairpersons to Munhumutapa Building for Zanu PF meetings, and I recall writing an opinion piece which, fortunately, was published on that.

As if that is not enough, the Special Advisor to the President, Comrade Christopher Mutsvangwa, after losing the Norton constituency primary election, writes party business on a government letterhead – is that not conflation of Government and Party Programmes happening right in the President’s office? The President’s office is therefore the epicentre of conflation of government and party business, and this has been happening over the last 38 years. The letter by Mutsvanga in which he discusses purely Zanu PF business was written to another Zanu PF official in charge of the Primary elections, venting his was written to Engelbert Rugeje in his Zanu PF official position, but printed on government letterhead. Advisors to Presidents must learn to separate party business from government business.

Fellow Zimbabweans, a good Zanu PF is a dead one, let’s kill it in the coming election. I say so because corruption has sunk roots in every Zanu PF official to the extent that none of them now can separate between corruption and expected standard practice, and it will take forever for these Zanu PF people, young or old, to change their behaviour and attitude.

The country just needs a fresh start without Zanu PF, and I strongly appeal to all voting Zimbabweans to vote all Zanu PF candidates out.

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